So I was wrong. Mo Farah didn’t even make it into the top 3 for Sports Personality Of The Year! However, if it wasn’t Mo then I did predict it would be Wiggins. And Wiggo delivered – well he delivered in the Tour and Olympics which resulted in his bing voted Sports Personality of the Year. I was happy for either Mo or Wiggo to win and for Wiggo to win this year was sublime. It was probably the strongest ‘field’ in the history of the award, so unlike many years, winning the award actually meant quite a lot.

Maybe it is the sideburns or his MOD appearance that makes him so likeable – or the fact that he doesnt really seem to care about the fame. Who knows, it might be all a persona, but it does not appear to be that way. He is just an exceptional cyclist. So in that light, here are some highlights of Wiggo:

Please please please pretty please don’t be doping. I don’t think the British public could handle that. And the already awful reputation that cycling has will probably be shattered completely.

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