Voting on Personality or Achievement?

Sports Personality of the Year
As the title suggests, I have always been slightly perplexed by the BBC Sport Personality of the Year award. For those of you reading this in a country other than the UK, it is a competition where people vote for their favourite sports person of that particular year. So, why not call it the Sports Person of the Year? It is completely unnecessary, if not slightly farcical to ask the public to vote for the ‘personality’ of the year. This obviously assumes that those voting have met all the contestants and so therefore can make a decision on who has the best personality, or what they have seen on TV!

Maybe I am just being pernickity (great word) because everybody knows what the contest represents. You could have achieved the greatest feat ever in sport and still not win if people do not like you – not mentioning anybody in particular……Andy Murray you boring boring sulky little man.
No I am not wrong – throughout the whole contest they make very little reference to the ‘likeability’ factor of each sports person. Instead they just show clips of their particular achievement, which can only make me assume that this what they are being judged upon. So change the name of the competition.

Either way, 2012 has set up to be the strongest field of competitors for this slightly confused prize. All of them have achieved a life long goal, and the vast majority (all but one) featured in the Olympics. So who is going to win?

Bradley Wiggins Cycling

In my view it can only be between 3 people – Mo Farah, Bradley Wiggins and (as painful as it is to admit it) Andy Murray. God I hope he doesn’t win. Mo Farah provided the most excitement in the Olympics and although Jessica Ennis delivered as the poster girl and gold medal winner, she only won a single gold. Andy Murray became the first British tennis player to win a major for well over half a century, and then followed it up with a gold and silver at the Olympics. Bradley won the Tour de France (first British cyclist ever to do so) and then stormed through the streets of London to dominate the Olympic Time Trial.

10k Mo Farah

In my humble opinion, it has to be between Mo Farah and Bradley Wiggins. Both of their achievements were fantastic and I will remember them for many years. AND considering the much disputed name of the competition – they both appear to be nice guys. Andy Murray is a great sportsmen but his public persona leads me to believe that he could quite possibly be the most boring man alive. Mo and Bradley seem different. Having watched documentaries on both of them (both probably very biased documentaries), Mo seems to be a genuinely nice guy where as Bradley has the Mod come Maverick personality that sets him apart – although I think he would rub a lot of people up the wrong way. I think Mo pips Bradley at the post. I have never been so nervous watching the pace build in both his races, and would never have guessed the pandemonium that followed. Women were screaming, the BBC presenters lost it and the nation celebrated. Inspire a generation…

Relive the moments. Get out of your seat and start irrationally shouting at the screen:

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