Visceral Thrills… for the Kids

As many parents will attest, children can be very energetic individuals. By the age of around 4 a child will have gained full control of their body and with it a sense of newfound independence. In the following years your child will likely display a predilection for active behaviour. Many parents can find themselves overwhelmed by their children’s tireless dynamism but there are many activities that can channel this energy in a positive way. These activities are guaranteed to keep your child engaged and entertained, allowing you to take a break from the usual chaos in the meantime. Also, anything to get them away from their Xbox’s and Playstation’s can only be a good thing!

Indoor Playgrounds

As a child I always used to love visiting indoor playgrounds. These sprawling, anarchic places are perfect for energetic kids but a nightmare for most adults. Thankfully in most cases there is a separate area for adults to relax in while their children populate the Thunderdome. London has a vast range of indoor play areas which are easy to find and a short walk from the nearest tube stations. Bramley’s Big Adventure in Ladbroke Grove consists of a three-level metropolis which features slides, swings, ball pools and passages for kids to go wild in and on for as long as they like since there are no time limits. During this time adults can enjoy free Wi-Fi in the area’s freetrade and organic cafe. Kidspace in Croydon prides itself on its winding ‘black hole’ slide and an enormous wooden climbing frame called The Orb. Parents are actually allowed to accompany their children into the zone, although I imagine it might be a rather harrowing experience.

Go-Kart Party

If you find yourself in charge of a group of excessively dynamic young individuals then you will probably want to find a group activity that will allow them to experience high energy thrills in a safe and controlled environment. Go-Kart Party provide a premium go-karting service that allows young children to experience the excitement of driving. These cars are much safer than traditional go-karts since they are powered with an electric motor rather than a petrol engine. Because of this they are only able to reach top speeds of about 6 miles per hour, making them ideal for children up to ten years of age. The great thing about Go-Kart Party is the fact that they can set up their track all around the UK. It is up to you whether you want them to choose a location for you, or whether you want choose one yourself. The race track is inflatable, which means that it can be set up outside when it’s sunny, and indoors when it rains.

Rock Climbing

If your children are a bit older (8 years and over) then rock-climbing can be a great activity since it provides solid exercise as well as an exciting experience. In London there are a quite a few indoor climbing centres that provide classes for children as well as adults. Rather than waiting around while the kids are climbing you can join in the fun and have a go yourself. Many children love to climb up trees, walls or pretty much any scalable object. Rock-climbing will give them a way to experience and get used to heights while being perfectly safe thanks to the safety harness and supervisors. A climbing wall is a lot like a puzzle with each hand hold resembling a new piece. As well as exercise kids will get a lot of satisfaction out of figuring out how to get the top.

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