Cycle Safety
This is a little bit different and a bit far removed from ‘natural fitness’ but as I said when I started, this blog would also look at cool new things (related to fitness). So……with someone I know having recently been hit by a bus in London whilst cycling and now in intensive care, cycle safety is a big concern at the moment.

Cycling in London dangerous. Bus Drivers seem to think they are rally drivers and taxi’s appear to be playing a real life version of GTA. This danger is then amplified at night time, and also when the sun decides to go into hibernation for the Winter. If you have ever been in London on a gloomy Winter’s day, you will be fully aware of how the sun sometimes just decides not to show up for work – to the extent that the streetlamps do not turn off all day. As such, if you are cycling at night or in the winter, being visible is of paramount importance. In comes revolights, possibly the coolest bike light in the world. If like Tron then you may well soil yourself:

They are pretty expensive but if you cycle to and from work everyday then I think they are definitely worth the expense. I would feel so much safer getting on a bike if it had these on it!

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