The topic of dental health

Not everyone’s favourite subject but considering that this blog seeks to give advice and to discuss health and fitness issues I can’t realistically just keep to the glamorous subjects!

So if you pick up a magazine like Men’s Health or any other ‘healthy’ magazine offering tips on how to become your optimum self – the main topics will no doubt be focused around getting a ripped six pack. Now this is very understandable in that the populous that they are looking to target wants this sort of information, even if it offers unattainable goals like get a ripped stomach in 2 minutes. These magazines are a business at the end of the day and unfortunately business is run by demand. The good thing is that this blog is NOT a business and as such I am able to write about topics other than losing weight.

Healthiness can come in many forms, one of which is dental health. And it is serious subject. I will be the first to admit that my dental health leaves a lot to be desired. My teeth are straight and white thanks in part to braces when I was younger and a seeming resistance to coffee and other teeth staining foods. However, when I was younger I stupidly neglected to brush my teeth effectively and it is my hypothesis that it was these younger more immature days that spelt out the downfall for the majority of my pearly whites. Once my adult teeth came through they were immediately subjected to years of abuse which no doubt created small cavities which have since been converted into metal filled holes (that is fillings in layman’s terms). Most of my molars and wisdom teeth have fillings in them, and I have been subjected to some pretty excruciating procedures. One of which involved an army dentist refusing to give me more anaesthetic when performing my largest filling. He claimed that I had enough – but I could feel everything. It later transpired that due to a medical condition I am somewhat immune to normal doses of anaesthetic. Thank you very much. The other instance involved my tooth disintegrating when chewing some gum and a 2 hour trip to a private emergency dentist and him having to remove part of my jaw bone in order to extract the offending enamel.

So where is this going?

Well what I will say is that the dental industry needs to up it’s game! Toothpaste companies have some of the worst adverts on TV. They appear to be have been filmed by someone holding a camcorder and with a bad case of hangover shakes. Come on people. Even the adverts for doggy denta sticks are more amusing….

I am of a strong belief that people need to treat dental health more seriously. For example, I know of very few people that floss (myself included) yet every time I talk to a dentist this seems to be one of the most important tips when it comes to dental health. Furthermore, it is not promoted as a serious issue when in real terms it is very serious. If you have ever had bad tooth ache or a dental issue that needs emergency service you will understand just how serious it can get. Tooth pain can be one of the most debilitating pains you can get afflicted with – not only will your mouth be a maelstrom of pain but it can also turn into a huge headache and even translate into neck pain!

Maybe it is because visits to a dentist occur (for the most part) on a hugely irregular basis, and also because people don’t really want to go to the dentist. Who would want to visit some over qualified person in a weirdly sterile environment only to have them take out a tiny little drill that is precisely design to drill into the hard enamel, resonating that awful sound through your head. Imagine the thoughts going through my head when one of my molars decided to give up on me. Emergency dentist time – but the NHS took the stance of “Oh no we cant do anything over the weekend and you may have to wait a few weeks to see a dentist”. Great stuff. So I had to get in touch with a private cosmetic dentist in London who thankfully helped me out. Luckily although it was a pretty drawn out procedure it was largely painless, except for the fact that they had to unceremoniously wedge my mouth open when the muscles in my jaw decided they had enough of doing their job.

So brush your teeth little ones (and adults). Don’t go through the same dramas that I have inevitably had to go through due to my lack of interest in dental health. And please please please toothpaste companies – and mouthwash – get a better PR team, film your adverts properly. You don’t need someone sitting in a white coat talking about their views! Stop taking yourself so seriously and make it fun. Remember, people don’t particularly like the dentist so figure a way around this overriding issue….

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