Surfing in Morocco

So fellas (and ladies), the surf season is approaching. Months of flat seas are about to give way to the storms in the Atlantic which should hopefully produce the types of waves that dreams are made of. Now although our humble little green isle does offer some decent surf – a lot of people are going to making trips abroad in search of rifling point breaks. I haven’t actually managed to make it around Europe to that many spots but at the same time have surfed quite a bit in Portugal and Morocco and wanted to shed some light on my experience.

Portugal can wait. That is not to say that it is a bad surf destination, far from it. Come on – the tour makes a stop there so it sure aint bad. But for a proper surf trip I like going somewhere outside Europe, and you guessed it, Morocco is a good one.

Morocco has now become a prominent name on the checklist of surfing destinations for people around the world. It offers something a little different from the heavily commercialised and heavily crowded beaches of the famous spots in Europe. Morocco is much more rustic. You have the desert within spitting distance, sparsely populated areas which means that when you get there it feels as though it is just you, the local people, a handful of friends…..and the sea. Not only that, but it also captures all the fury of the Atlantic which obviously means some great waves.

Most of the surf camps in Morocco follow a friendly vibe. Doing it any other way just would not work – if you’ve ever been to Tamraght or Taghazout you will know exactly what I mean by that. The last time I went I stayed at Surf Star Morocco which is based in Tamraght. It was great because we had Devils Rock 5 minutes away which offers some fun little waves, and Banana Point just passed Devils Rock which if you had read the last post about Morocco you will know offers some pretty good ones. They also offered yoga sessions which was interesting…and a hell of a lot harder than I originally thought. Surfing in Morocco is a unique experience. A session in the morning followed by some yoga and mint tea, does it get any better? Just relax. The other good thing about Surf Star is that they offer surf school packages which was great for my particular situation. A girlfriend that likes the idea of surfing, but struggles on any sort of board. They took her and a group to learn whilst the intermediates went out to the point breaks, meeting up for lunch and at the end of the day. As such, surfers of different levels are able to go there and all enjoy themselves.

Long story short, I am excited about going back to Morocco when the season starts again. All I want to do is have some morning sessions at Devils Rock and forget about work for a bit! And Morocco offers that so all is good.

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