Straight to Summer

So if you live in the UK and are remotely interested in spending some time outdoors, it is likely that you will have had a pretty torrid time of it recently. I personally have detested it. Freezing cold bike rides to and from work, and snow in April. SNOW. This is bul[s;&t! 2 months ago I was getting excited about potentially swimming in the outdoors Lido by this time but I went for a coffee there on the weekend and it looked pretty nut shrivelling. No thank you, I’ll stick to my coffee.

So indoors it is, although thankfully it has warmed up enough that a run in just shorts and a t-shirt is now a pleasant experience. I just hope that it doesn’t linger around the 8-12 degree mark for very long. For doing exercise it is quite possible the most frustrating temperature range. Mediocre, cold if you are not moving. As such, you need a light jacket for start but then you get too hot and take it off – but then wind chill means you get cold too quick. It is a task in futility – you have to either be sightly too cold or slightly too hot. We can only pray that it reaches 15 degrees instantly and all of our worries are over. Not exactly tropical but at least the Arctic winds will have buggered off!

Anyhow, I am quite excited about seeing the average times for the London Marathon in under two weeks. The weather will have definitely slowed people down and acted as a very strong deterrent for those long cold runs. I reckon the average time is going to be 15 minutes slower than last years…if not more. That seems like a lot -and it is but marathons are races that have the ability to exaggerate any insufficient training.

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