Spread Your Wings!

If you are anything like me and are a distinctly average surfer then you will know the feeling of people just ‘laying down cut back spray’ on you which, in my opinion, is one of the most demoralising things that can happen to you when you are just trying to have a nice relaxed surf. It is like they are using the spray to say, “you will NEVER be this good”. I have no idea how I would feel if someone did one of these flips in front of me. I think I would probably be forced to just die right there and then. I would rather that then have spray from their flip rain down on me.

It would appear that there are people on this planet who do not find getting barrelled sufficient. SO people are now looking to expand what people think is possble in surfing. There are always people in various sports who are not satisfied with what the sport currently offers – and in the world of surfing this has transformed into getting airborne. It does not stop there. Being airborne on a wave is not particularly new, so instead they have decided that they must fly through the air upside down, land it, and carry on. And what a surprise, Red Bull appear to be one of the first big brands to capitalise on this movement with their “Project Air”.

Every so often another aerial clip hits the streaming sites and people are amazed. So be amazed:


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