Science vs Nature

A ‘fad’ is defined as something that grows in popularity quickly and then dies away just as quickly, usually due to its novelty factor. Now in health and fitness fads are everywhere, fads are like the leprosy of the biblical age health and fitness industry. Yet everyone loves them – that fact is necessary for them to become a ‘fad’. Think of the reebok shoes that claims to shape up your legs and bum, or 8 minute abs. They offer the easy way out and although I am not denying that 8 minute abs will help strengthen your abdominal muscles – using this program by itself will not produce the desired results! These fads have cast a dark cloud upon the health and fitness world. in fact, the research done in this area can be very beneficial to people’s everyday life.

A lot of the ‘naturalists’ out there are a little to militant about it for my liking. Surely not everything that we have discovered over centuries is completely bad? I refuse to believe that a caveman would be healthier than we could be if we utilise nutritional and sport science. This may seem like a contradiction to the general ethos of a ‘go back to nature’ blog but I simply will not discount all the research that has been done over the decades. It is about finding the middle ground. Much of what we eat and do in modern times is in direct opposition to what we have historically done and is unhealthy. However, there are certain things such as resistance training and cycling that, when done well, can contribute significantly to a healthier lifestyle. So what message am I trying to get across? Try your best to exercise in a natural way, but do not be so militant so that you refuse to go on a bike ride! Sports science is a very useful tool to help you with your fitness, whether that be using an ice bath for recovery or regulating your intake of nutrition – just try to filter through all the crap that companies seem to be churning out and try to identify what is fad and what is good!

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