Rhino + Gazelle = Lion

Athletic Lion

There is an eternal argument between the long distance runners who are barely able to do a press-up, and the meat-head gym-monkeys that can’t run half a mile. Obviously both have their benefits and both have their downfalls. Both can learn a lot from each other and, as with the general message of this blog, the middle ground is usually the best place to be. An athletic physique takes the best from both parties, that is why circuits are so good. Which body type do you think would be the most functional in the wild? Exactly. Everybody loves Mufasa.

The muscle bound Neanderthals who’s first love in life was their protein shaker are usually so obsessed with ‘bigger is best’ that they fail to realise how unfit and inflexible they are. There are far too many people in the gym who are very strong but carry too much fat and struggle to do anything more aerobic than walking up a couple flights of stairs. They also tend to be very inflexible due to the strain their muscles are put under and the subsequent shortening of said muscles. They don’t need to be able to run 36 minute 10k’s but you get the idea. Common guys, it’s not muscle beach in the 90′s. Try doing that thing they call jogging.


Just because gym-monkeys should be running more doesn’t mean that runners are saints. Some runners are painfully thin and although their cardiovascular systems might be strong, they need old women to help them carry their luggage up stairs. I believe it is very important to have a whole body fitness – so get yourself a set of weights and start using them! Runners can actually benefit hugely from doing a session of intense leg weights every week. This increases your power and will allow you to keep your form better as you tire. Do not fear, your weekly mileage will prevent you from looking like a body builder – but at least you will be able to open a jar of pickled onions!

The aforementioned ‘big guys’ tend to be fairly smug when talking to runners – due to the fact they would probably win in a fight (staying true to the stereotype). The funny thing is that runners tend to be just as smug, they might not have massive biceps, but at least they aren’t tubby. So you have this stand off with two incredibly smug people, trying to out smug each other! Take a look in the mirror. Are you one of these two? If so, try using “the dark side’s” training methods every now and again. It will result in an improved overall health and better results! Do not get stuck in your ways, try new exercises and get fitter, stronger and faster.

Strength and conditioning does not necessarily need to mean lifting heavy weights and getting big. Strength and conditioning coaches such as Dan Akenhead – a personal trainer at http://www.danakenheadfitness.com/, use cardio, circuits and resistance work to utlise the benefits from different aspects of training. In this way you can keep training exciting and challenging, whilst becoming better than you would have if you stuck to just one aspect.

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