Personal Trainers Need To Get Real

This has been sparked by a friend of mine who is a personal trainer.  I have a few friends who are personal trainers but their is a stark difference between two of them.  Let me set the scene:

One friend, let us call him Chris (his identity must remain a mystery) is for all intents and purposes very good at getting people into shape.  He has recently moved to London and is working as a personal trainer in a local gym but doesn’t feel like it is really going anywhere.  The issue is that he has very few qualifications and although he might know fitness very well he has spent the last few years working in a powerlifting gym in Wales.  On the other hand, my other friend (Dan) is also a personal trainer and loves lifting those heavy ass weights.  The difference is that he has a plan.  He has invested a lot of his time and earning over the past few years in getting qualified up to his eye balls.  He has also made sure that his skill set attracts as much business as possible.  As such, he is taking yoga classes, is a qualified masseuse, etc, etc.  His plan is to become a trainer for a premiership rugby or football club.

The key difference?  Dan has a much stronger plan and it is more financially viable.  Generally speaking, men who like to lift big weights have an ego and as such are unlikely to hire a personal trainer.  On the other hand, women who are looking to slim down or people looking to get into shape are much more likely to hire one.  It is because of this fact that Chris with his experience in lifting big weights does not have the skill set that many of the people in London are looking for.  Dan has been smart about it and is looking to get as many qualifications as possible so that he is attractive to these big clubs and potentially high net worth individuals (I hate that term…).

Let me be clear.  Loads of qualifications does not necessarily mean that you are a great personal trainer.  I have no doubt Chris is great at training people.  The issue is that we live in a society where qualifications are like a badge of trust and as such make you more employable.  Personal trainers need to be smart.  They need to jump through the hoops so that their career can progress.  Sounds a lot like hard work?  Yes it is.  Working and studying at the same time is tough, but you can do these courses online with companies like Be A Better You and only have to go ‘to location’ for certain tests.  My point is that instead of just being happy with the various clients that you might be training at the moment there has to be a plan.  It might be, like Dan working for a football or rugby club, it might be managing a gym or franchise, it might be owning your own gym.  Whatever it is, you need to have a plan and you need to be smart about it because progression is necessary in life.

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