‘Le Taureau Rouge’

Bike Jump

As somebody who is a big fan of the outdoors – runner, surfer and wannabe explorer – Red Bull come rather high on my list of good companies. Regardless of the fact that their energy drink has sparked an industry of insanely caffeinated drinks that may well be the cause of thousands of heart attacks over the coming decades! Red Bull have created a marketing platform from which extreme sports has leaped into the mainstream. For better or for worse, Red Bull are the ones who are actively staging these events. They are the ones who are looking to push the boundaries of what is possible in sport, creating the movies and documentaries, and most importantly – facilitating humans doing amazing things. Just think Felix Baumgartner.

Red Bull Flying

I often wonder how an energy drinks company can be dominating formula one! They are very clever at marketing and it never ceases to amaze me how every single amazing clip I see on the web is somehow related to Red Bull. All the best extreme sports athletes will have a red bull sticker somehwere on their kit. They are everywhere, and they permeate everything that is popular, interesting and cool about sport. Which makes me wonder – what sport will Red Bull take over next?

Red Bull F1

They have capitalised on the extreme sports scene, that is for sure. The question is whether there is a more mainstream money to be made. For instance, instead of branding and marketing, Red Bull could start making surfboards, snowboards, wakeboards, etc. I am sure that their products would sell and it is very possible that there are some very clever people at Red Bull trying to strategize how to do this. Alternatively, Red Bull could start becoming the main sponsor for rugby teams. They are aklready starting to do so with the MLS in America and sponsoring some Olympic athletes. I can see a serious shift in their strategy to expand theri reach. Red Bull being the main sponsor of Usain Bolt for example, or Lionel Messi.

Surfing Red Bull

Whatever their plans, I love the footage that they get and the events that they stage!

More to come on this……

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