Last Chance Saloon

Hello there London marathon runners…..

This is your final call. Well not quite your final call but lets view it as the penultimate. There are around 3 weeks till you start your 26.2 mile pilgrimage to that painful run past Big Ben and back down the Mall. So bearing that in mind, with a two week or 10 day taper this is the weekend where you can realistically do one of your last big sessions – and it can make a considerable difference. And it is a 4 day weekend so you can probably get a couple of hard sessions in, just leave a days rest in between them.

If you haven’t yet broken the 20 mile barrier then do so this weekend. It will help put some extra endurance into your legs but the psychological aspect is far more important. You need to realise the some of the pain that you will be putting yourself through, but I wouldn’t advise going above 22 miles. It is also a great chance to test out al of your race gear – including your nutrition. Do not leave anything to chance when it comes to an event that lasts hours, and do not underestimate the importance of getting nutrition right!

Finally with the spare time you will inevitably find yourself with over the Easter weekend, get a decent stretching session in. Preferably after your long run and also the day afterwards. An injury now would really screw your plans up! Keep stretching, keep keeping as much water as possible but most importantly grasp the opportunity that has presented itself to you, don’t booze too hard and get yourself out into the miserably cold ‘spring’ UK weather and log those miles.

Then chill. NO work for 4 days.

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