Just Get Away From It All………

Relaxing Beach

Have you ever just thought, screw it, I need a break. This can happen in a big city. I was part of the crowd this morning walking like a penguin due to the queue in front of the escalator in Victoria underground station. When all of a sudden the guy next to me exclaimed “Jesus, its like a load of zombies!”. An apt description. Something that conjured visions of a escaping the rat race, even for a few days.

So when you are planning your next get away, consider going somewhere that has limited internet access, or at least turn your phone off. Take the time to truly relax. You may be wondering where you could possibly do this? Often these places are close to very popular holiday destinations. For example, the island of Lombok near Bali is a place to escape the hordes of Australians in Kuta. Or even Gili Meno (not the party island of Gili Trawangan) where there are no cars and you can walk around the whole island in less than an hour. You do not have to spend your whole holiday living in isolation but it is definitely healthy to take a few days to reflect on things. Just kick back and chill out. I mention Lombok and Gili Meno only because these are places where I have been – but from books that I have read, blogs and friend’s accounts of various holidays I know for certain that these types of places are everywhere.

Too many people nowadays try to cram too much into a holiday, and they come back to work just as tired. Try to avoid this – get away from it all and go to a place where you can really relax. Think : a light sea breeze, clear water, a bamboo beach hut and a hammock…and a few ice cold beers. It is closer than you think…

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