As the first article on the new blog I want to set out what I am looking to achieve with it. The overriding aim of this blog is to highlight the benefits of getting fit in a natural and sustainable way, hence the name GoCaveman. I would like to point out that I will try to take an objective view on things. Some people can be a little too evangelical with their views and as such, I will also discuss any new technology, exercises and equipment that might improve your lifestyle/training to avoid being some sort of natural fitness zealot! Although bear in mind that these will usually hark back to the natural fitness ethos. More on this in later articles.

I really hope this blog will encourage people to try something new. I am a strong believer in testing yourself and exploring various routes in life. If you have not tried a ‘natural’ route to fitness and are struggling in your current regime then what is stopping you? I always find it amusing when people complain about their lack of improvement in sport or health yet they have not changed their daily/weekly routine. You must challenge yourself to improve and what better change to make than to lead a healthier life more in accordance with what nature intended.

Natural Fitness encompasses more than just exercise. It includes mindset, posture, work-life balance and nutrition. However, to lead a truly healthy life you cannot avoid exercise and leading an unhealthy life, especially in the city is far too easy. I myself have fallen into that deep hole a number of times. It is a moment of clarity when you sit down and suddenly realise that your stomach fat is restrictive when leaning forward, or you look in the mirror and there is no definition to your body, or even worse – you simply look ill. This is certainly not the bottom of the pit because unfortunately things can get worse and worse, a bit like an endless crevasse! The most popular (and most viable) excuse, and one that delayed my fitness regime for many months was the anxiety of being unfit. Simply put, running is not fun when you are unfit. Quite the opposite. It is a plethora of leaden legs and bleeding lungs. It does not have to be running, it could be swimming or rock climbing or playing tennis. Your first session back will probably be more akin to torture than sport. So people employ this excuse by stating that they will be unable to keep up with their friends. Other complaints will be made about the cost of equipment, or a lack of time, or even their love of crisps at lunch time. In the words of my grandfather…….poppycock! These are excuses. Make a decision and stick by it. The initial couple of weeks will not be pleasant but persevere and reap the rewards.