Ever wonder why your back hurts?

Back Pain

Cavemen probably did not sit around for 8 hours a day looking at a computer screen. Probably. It is the curse of modern life that the vast majority of us sit around all day hunched over a headache inducing screen sending emails. Unless you are going to change your job then unfortunately this is a necessary evil. What you must try to do is to nullify the negative effects of your bad posture, by having good posture. It sounds so simple. This will not happen instantly and although you may sit with good posture for 30 minutes you will inevitably sink back into your previous drooped state. So what can you do to rectify this ever so prevalent issue?

Look at the geometrics of your work environment, the most important of which is screen height and seat. Having a low screen immediately makes you tilt your neck, no surprise then that your back then follows. You end up crooning over this screen that is around chest height – it is even more prevalent for those of you who hot desk with laptops. Furthermore, having a seat that is too low or too high has a similar effect. Too low and you transform into this weird serpent type creature attempting to slither under your desk, too high and you become the hunchback of Notre Dames. You get the point. So…seat at a level where you can sit with buttocks at the back of the chair and knees bent at 90 degrees, couple this with a screen at eye level and you give yourself a fighting chance. Fighting is the operative word here, just because you change your screen height and seat does not mean that you will immediately have good posture – it is something that you will constantly have to work on. Add a post it note to your screen reminding you to sit with a straight back, or in even more extreme examples look at ‘kneeling chairs’ although the same thing applies for them – they do not magically transform your posture!

More in the next post about core strength to improve your posture.

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