Ever wanted a treehouse as a kid?

This nearly blew my mind.  I only ever made one treehouse when I was young; it had no walls and was haphazardly created with the liberal application of nails.  Looking back I am not proud of it, I am also suspicious of my dad letting two young kids play around on a poorly constructed platform 20 feet up!  So with a little bit of background information, you can imagine my seething jealousy when I found out about Blue Forest.

Maybe it is just me, but these guys look like they know their stuff.  So what do they do?  Well as you might have guessed, they design and build bad ass treehouses.  Based in Surrey they have clients from around the world but it would appear that the majority of their work is in ‘England’s green and pleasant hills’.  I just thought I would share some of this amazingness:


tree house castle dream

I don’t even know where to start with this.  Not so much a treehouse but more a castle of dreams.  Fans of The Hobbit may well be writhing around on the floor right now because this ‘Living the High life’ treehouse appears to be straight out of the playful mind of the esteemed  J.R Tolkein.

I don’t think you could legitimately call this one a ‘treehouse’.  More of a woodland retreat…but still pretty darn cool.  Imagine buying a plot of land in some forest in Scotland and plonking this on the side of a hillside with nothing but nature for miles around.  To top it off I would demand to have a lake at least a mile across at the foot of the hill for swimming, fishing and rowing boats.  Not too much to ask.  Maybe I’ll put it on my Christmas list for Santa.

I can imagine that these amazing treehouses are not for those on a budget.  Considering that every single one is custom designed and built the figures a likely to be fairly astronomical, but why let money stand in the way of your dreams.  I wonder if they let you join in with the design and build?  A portion of the excitement attached to building a treehouse was that it took many hours of sweat and tears (from hitting your finger with a hammer) to create your masterpiece in the trees. So if I was going to order one of these Blue Forest treehouses I would insist on being made part of the development team!  So I ask you this, how can you put a price on dreams coming true?

On another note, this one in Tennessee, built by some random guy with a love of treehouses has created a gargantuan monstrosity with a sort of brutish elegance.  Not quite the same as Blue Forest but worth sharing nonetheless:

p.s if any of you kind philanthropists out there fancy investing in a Blue Forest treehouse or perch for me, it would be a 100% investment on your end to cover the costs (including purchasing land) for which I am more than willing to give you 5% ownership.  Get in touch, it is a deal you cannot afford to miss….

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