Drunken Promises and Gesticulation


The New Year has arrived. We are now 10 days into 2013 and come another 10 days people will be dropping like flies, not literally but in the sense that it is around that time that new years resolutions are broken or forgotten. What is most poignant (especially for a fitness blog) is that a substantial portion of these resolutions will be to ‘get fit’.

However, since people are still enthusiastically following their resolutions there is still hope, and I am not just saying this for the benefit of the thousands of personal trainers rubbing their hands with glee come 1st January, or indeed the gyms that will make disgusting amounts of money from those who have not hesitated to sign 12 month contracts. There is definitely a certain part of me that welcomes the drastic drop off of these resolutioners (new word created by mon self). For those who are regulars in any sort of health establishment – otherwise known as gyms – before 1st january, it is incredibly annoying to turn up in the new year and see four times the amount of people in there. Everything is crowded with new years resolutioners, the pool, sauna, weights area, cardio machines, everything. Even the pavements are crowded with people in brand new shiny trainers and running gear!

In fact, come to think about it, if nobody fails then everything will be far too crowded. So it is actually probably a good thing that people break their resolutions. However, if you are serious about it then the best tip would be that it is not a chore, it is a lifestyle change. In this way, ‘getting fit’ will be sustainable and not some yo-yo diet that leaves you in worse shape 2 months afterwards than when you began! Make sure you keep your targets realistic and remember that going to the gym twice a day is rarely something that you can keep up for any decent amount of time. Sustainability is the key word. More to come on this…

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