Big Biceps

I do not want to go into a huge amount of detail here but when it comes to weight lifting I much prefer large compound movements to isolated movements. In layman’s terms that means squats, deadlifts, cleans, etc rather than skull crushers or specific bicep movements. I am not discounting isolated movements as these are great for training specific muscles, I just find that compound movements engage more muscles, use more energy and get you working harder. It also reduces the risk of muscular imbalance.

It is all too easy to go to the gym and try to isolate a specific muscle – which often ends in you not building up a sweat or tiring too quickly OR you become that guy with big upper body and skinny legs, or big biceps and small chest. Try movements that incorporate multiple muscle groups and engage your core. They are much more of a whole body workout than just getting ‘big guns’.

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