Cool Down… Go Swim.

Summer may be slowly nearing its end but there is still time to join the lucky droves of people who have installed swimming pools in their gardens. This summer has been particularly hot, which is somewhat of a blessing and a curse. Any regular tube user in London will tell you about the horrors of commuting during the summer months. Spending half an hour in a packed carriage surrounded by sweaty individuals and with little to no ventilation can be quite the traumatic experience. The summer underground is something that we simply have to deal with, but many people have been looking for ways to cool down and relax after work or during the weekends. We would obviosuly always recommend getting outdoors and being a caveman as the best way to cool down (as I’m sure you all know we only sweat so that it dries off and thus cools us), but why not get in a pool or – even better – get your own one installed at home! Installing a pool in your back garden may initially seem like a daunting prospect but there are a variety of different pools you can choose to tailor your budget and other requirements. And this way when you’re feeling like a trapped sardine on the Northern Line you can cast your mind in anticipation of your next dip into your own personal cooling zone.

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If you don’t wish to spend an arm and a leg on a swimming pool then inflatable may be the way to go. My friend, who has a relatively small garden, recently purchased an inflatable hot tub that is heated by an attachable heat generator that also provides a bubbly massage effect for the more adventurous bather. Hot tubs like these are ideal for parties since you can heat the water up for a number of hours during the day in order to prepare it. Not everyone is willing to jump into a hot tub during a standard house party so make sure you have a steady supply of booze on hand with which to promote encouragement. The downside of this type of pool is most definitely cleaning, as I have found out from first-hand experience. If you forget to cover the pool when you’re not using it then you will quickly find an assortment of bugs and leaves floating about on the surface of the water. These can be a pain to clean out but unless you fancy spending six hours replacing the water then that is your only option. My friend also made the mistake of not changing the pool water for about a month, effectively turning it into a pond. When the water was drained there was a huge amount of green sludge on the bottom and walls of the tub. Inflatable pools are a quick to set up and cost-effective, but you must remember to clean and take care of them regularly.

For those looking for a more refined swimming experience you can always invest in a permanently installed pool. These pools tend to be big enough that you can actually get some decent swimming done in them. They are a decidedly expensive purchase but once everything is installed you won’t have to carry out too much maintenance provided you have an effective water filter and drainage channel. If your house is big enough then you have the option of building your pool indoors which will allow you to use it all year round. The type of pool that will suit you best depends on a variety of factors. Whatever you choose, there is no denying that pools are a great way to cool down and relax during the hot summer months.

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