Contrasting Japan

I admit that I have never been to Japan so this is all based on what I have been told…it may well be pure speculation but it doesn’t diminish my desire to visit Japan.
Japan’s cities definitely appear to be some of the most crowded and hectic on this planet. The images of people crossing junctions in the middle of Tokyo are world famous. The combination of tight living quarters and far more advanced technology than we have in London makes it strangely attractive – although I am fairly sure that it would get a bit much after a not so long period. This is what really attracts me to Japan, the idea of getting away from it all.


With extreme temperature differences between Summer and Winter, it is vital that you decide time of year you fancy, although I assume that both are fairly spectacular. Climbing Mount Fuji offers spectacular views (unless it is overcast of course). However, the image that I have of travelling through Japan is of getting back to basics. Simple lives so far in contrast to the mayhem of Tokyo. Tradition…something that no other nation in the world seems to value as highly. Immersing yourself in a traditional japanese culture and soaking up all that would follow. I have this idea that spending time in a quiet village at the foot of Mount Fuji would be one of the best places in the world to just take a step back and contemplate. Get back to a healthy diet, away from the constant noise of a city and just relect on stuff. I want to do this sooo badly.

Japanese Garden
I read an article once about the spa’s and retreats that are available to those with the funds to afford it. I think that would complete the picture. Chilling in a bath cut that is cut out of a mountain side with views only seen on postcards. Someday…

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