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Not quite the hedonistic booze filled holidays, but for the weekend warriors out there they might be just as enjoyable. Let me set the scene. For the last couple of years my holiday search has almost universally involved places such as Indonesia or Australia due to the need for warm weather and surf. However, due to budget constraints, flying half way across the world is slightly out of reach (pun intended) so the Canary Islands, and more specifically Lanzarote, seemed like a good bet for a cheap. However, when I was reading this month’s Triathlon 220 they had a pull out of the 28 best holiday triathlon camps. Surprise surprise, Club La Santa where many of the top triathlete’s in the world train during the winter was in the top 28. So….long story short, I am seriously considering a holiday to Club La Santa where you can get some serious training done – and also get some decent surf sessions in. What could be better!??

Lanzarote’s volcanic landscape and year round sunshine has earned it the title of “Europe’s Hawaii” and for good reason. The Lanzarote Ironman has been touted as harder than Kona – although both appear to be pretty darn tough! As such, it is the perfect training area for those looking to develop leg power on the steep but super smooth roads, swim in lovely clear water and also do some trail running across the gravel strewn volcanic trails. What a way to get back in touch with nature. It might sound like hell to some, but for the few that understand – I am sure it sounds attractive. I have also not heard anything bad about Club La Santa and their facilities so that is always a plus!

Trail Running

To be honest, I do not think that you have to stay in Club La Santa to enjoy a fitness holiday in Lanzarote, but with the facilities on offer at Club La Santa you can really make the most of your time there and come back fitter than ever. I would be hesitant to go for a week but as with any of these such things, money is usually the biggest constaint. Two weeks would be ideal to really improve your pace and fitness but obviously for some this is just not possible. Either way, it sounds great. Do some intense training, surfing a bit and just realaxing on the beach or near the pool. Just beware of the reefs when surfing because from what the guides say they can be pretty vicious!


So if any of you guys have other holidays like this that might be of interest please let me know. I am fully aware that Club La Santa is not for everyone and indeed there are a whole load of different ‘camps’ spread across Europe – not least the 28 that Triathlon 220 mentioned. They just seem like good fun…

More to come on a certain natural fitness retreat on the East Coast of Africa!

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