Caveman meditation

Caveman meditation

We often speak of the caveman lifestyle as one of diet and exercise. But there is one particular group of people that have traditionally spent a lot of time in caves: Yogis. Meditators from all number of traditions and practices have spent lifetimes in caves, appreciating the solitude and quiet, as well as the natural living space. They have been a traditional meditation retreat space for thousands of years.

In modern times there are still those that head into a cave to master their meditative practice. But, for many a city dweller, this often does not seem practical. Going on a meditation retreat at a retreat centre is a top alternative. A good retreat will give you enough quiet and relative solitude, and will keep you away from modern technology as much as is practical… giving you some of the benefits of the cave retreat without having to actually go to a cave!

Spiritual retreats often attract people who want to get back to nature, find their religious centre again or simply spend some time reconnecting with themselves. Most retreats are known for being secluded and set in rural situations where nature is in abundance and there is little noise from other man-made outside influences. It is a chance for people to sit in quiet solitude, relax, meditate and get back to nature in a peaceful and quiet environment.

The idea of a retreat is for someone who has a busy life and who rarely has a chance to sit down in a tranquil setting to get their focus back. A spiritual retreat is also a place similar to a hotel, where guests can pay for the privilege of quietude and enjoyment while enjoying yoga, meditation, relaxation therapy, cleansing food and art classes just so that one can feel more at home in nature again. However, a spiritual retreat doesn’t have to consist of a ‘registered’ location. It can also be a cabin in the woods, a tent in the forest or a cabin by a lake. A retreat is kind of what you make it and you get what you need from the process.

For those who have religious beliefs a Buddhist retreat, Christian retreat or other religious retreat can help you reconnect with what you know as the Divine Spirit or God. Christians offer refresher courses at retreats, for those who might feel they have lost their way, become distracted by too much every-day life, or just need to get back to the feeling of a ‘revival’ of their religion.

Buddhist retreats offer meditation, Buddhist teachings and philosophy sessions to remind people how to get back to the feeling of being at one with their world. A clean, tranquil atmosphere is the key to a retreat, whereby you can personalize it to your own needs and requirements.

Artisans often take a spiritual retreat with painting in mind, or Tai Chi, and even psychotherapy, just because they want to spend a few days in the wilderness and get away from the hustle and bustle of city or town life. A retreat will offer full-board accommodation with all activities included in the price. Others will offer a standard price for a basic retreat with options to include certain activities on an ‘a la carte’ basis.

Choosing the Right Retreat for your needs

First, ask yourself what you want to gain from your retreat experience. That will be an intrinsic reason behind wherever you choose to take your spiritual break to recoup your energy. If you want to sit and draw or paint all day and then relax in the evening, you might want to choose a place that accommodates that need. If you want to reconnect with your religious beliefs, find the most suitable place to help with that and if you just want to learn yoga and wellness practices, find a retreat that can support that desire.

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