Contrasting Japan

I admit that I have never been to Japan so this is all based on what I have been told…it may well be pure speculation but it doesn’t diminish my desire to visit Japan. Japan’s cities definitely appear to be some of the most crowded and hectic on this planet. The images of people crossing [...]


Cycle Safety
This is a little bit different and a bit far removed from ‘natural fitness’ but as I said when I started, this blog would also look at cool new things (related to fitness). So……with someone I know having recently been hit by a bus in London whilst cycling and now in intensive care, cycle safety [...]


Surfing Teahupoo
Ever since Laird Hamilton rode that perfectly formed, glassy monster, Teahupoo has become the ultimate wave to surf and film. The large swells throw impossibly thick lips crashing down onto a reef that is often only a few feet below the surface. What’s more is that even if you survive a game of kiss chase [...]

Winter Protection

Summer Pilates
The summer is dead… long live the winter! Once again the season of cold, gloom and too much food has set in: the prelude to dieting, exercise and resolutions in the New Year. But why start then? If you are serious about getting that perfect beach body in time for next summer then there is [...]