Visit Vietnam

boat viet
Are you looking for somewhere a little bit different? Experience the cultural myriad of Vietnam; an unforgettable journey from thriving cities into gorgeous scenery of national parks, mountains and coastline. Its people are energetic, industrious and patriotic. They are very welcoming and have a brilliant sense of humour: expect plenty of invitations to karaoke with [...]

Morocco, Taghazout

Anchor Point Surf
So I have recently come back from a very nice little getaway in Taghazout, Morocco. We flew into Agadir, and after a little failed credit card scare we managed to get a deposit down for a car and set off to Taghazout. I should make it clear that the only purpose of going to Morocco [...]

Club Tropicana

Beach Fitness
Not quite the hedonistic booze filled holidays, but for the weekend warriors out there they might be just as enjoyable. Let me set the scene. For the last couple of years my holiday search has almost universally involved places such as Indonesia or Australia due to the need for warm weather and surf. However, due [...]

Voting on Personality or Achievement?

Sports Personality of the Year
As the title suggests, I have always been slightly perplexed by the BBC Sport Personality of the Year award. For those of you reading this in a country other than the UK, it is a competition where people vote for their favourite sports person of that particular year. So, why not call it the Sports [...]