Pedometer Apps – Worth the Download?

Pedometers count every step
I recently saw a tweet from a friend on Twitter, which read ‘Have been using a pedometer for one year today…2870km (1783 miles) walked since this time last year’. I jokingly replied as to whether these statistics were from an app, or if he had actually worn a pedometer everyday for the last year. The [...]


Fruit for Blending
No this is not an article about Blendr (the straight version of Grindr – if you dont know what I’m talking about then Google it or ask Stephen Fry). A blender has revolutionised my nutrition. For whatever reason, I do not eat enough fruit, and everyone knows how important it is to get your 5 [...]

A Raw Vegan Experiment

Raw Vegan
I am seriously considering going raw vegan for a month or so. Some might consider this a little extreme, and it probably is – but I have heard a lot about it and am very intrigued. I personally do not think that it would be something I could do long term, but as I said, [...]

127 Hours

For all those naysayers that consider this film to be boring….please go elsewhere with your mediocrity. This is a great film and I would recommend it to anyone. The film depicts Aron Ralston, a happy go lucky outdoors man that is forced to amputate his own arm after a boulder falls on it. Gruesome story [...]