Winter Protection

Summer Pilates
The summer is dead… long live the winter! Once again the season of cold, gloom and too much food has set in: the prelude to dieting, exercise and resolutions in the New Year. But why start then? If you are serious about getting that perfect beach body in time for next summer then there is [...]

Getting out of the Abyss

Unhealthy Food
I am what some might call an unashamed fitness fanatic. I am not a reformed fitness freak… I was never incredibly fat, never ridiculously unhealthy and to an extent not as unfit as some. Although I have been in situations where I am ashamed of myself and the state I have gotten into….I have never [...]

127 Hours

For all those naysayers that consider this film to be boring….please go elsewhere with your mediocrity. This is a great film and I would recommend it to anyone. The film depicts Aron Ralston, a happy go lucky outdoors man that is forced to amputate his own arm after a boulder falls on it. Gruesome story [...]

Science vs Nature

A ‘fad’ is defined as something that grows in popularity quickly and then dies away just as quickly, usually due to its novelty factor. Now in health and fitness fads are everywhere, fads are like the leprosy of the biblical age health and fitness industry. Yet everyone loves them – that fact is necessary for [...]