Failed Resolutioners and Worried Personal Trainers

Empty Gym
So its finally February and miraculously it would appear that the attendee numbers at my local gymnasium have reduced by around 35% compared with the beginning of January. Now I could claim to have predicted this a few weeks ago but I’m afraid that there is not much credit in such a prediction as it [...]

Train Your Brain

Mental Strength
Chris McCormack – aka Macca, is a strong advocate for the mental side of endurance events (in his case the Ironman, and more specifically Kona). He says that, in general, there are no big secrets to training and that most pro athletes turn up to the big races in similar shape. I love the way [...]

Reality Strikes

Cycling | Tour De France
Lance has admitted to his devious ways. This may well turn out to be the revelation that shocked the sporting world – but for those who actually looked at the facts, the truth was always there in plain sight. Lance won the tour 7 times in the most prolific years of doping that the sport [...]

Drunken Promises and Gesticulation

The New Year has arrived. We are now 10 days into 2013 and come another 10 days people will be dropping like flies, not literally but in the sense that it is around that time that new years resolutions are broken or forgotten. What is most poignant (especially for a fitness blog) is that a [...]