The Mental Side of Sport

Mental Strength
Sir Clive Woodward was famous for taking every detail of the rugby game and looking to squeeze an extra few percent out of those details, and he ended up taking England on to win the World Cup in 2003.  Much like Sir Clive Woodward, Sir Dave Brailsford adopted the mantra of the cumulative impact that [...]

Caveman meditation

Caveman meditation We often speak of the caveman lifestyle as one of diet and exercise. But there is one particular group of people that have traditionally spent a lot of time in caves: Yogis. Meditators from all number of traditions and practices have spent lifetimes in caves, appreciating the solitude and quiet, as well as [...]

The topic of dental health

Child in dentist
Not everyone’s favourite subject but considering that this blog seeks to give advice and to discuss health and fitness issues I can’t realistically just keep to the glamorous subjects! So if you pick up a magazine like Men’s Health or any other ‘healthy’ magazine offering tips on how to become your optimum self – the [...]

Stepping Stones to a Healthier Life

Stepping Stones
Have you ever woken up one morning and thought, “This is it! I will be healthy!” Well, it doesn’t really work like that does it? Anyone with a genuine desire to be healthier should not make drastic changes but instead make stepping-stones to a healthier life. Cigarette – E-cigarette – Non-smoker Giving up smoking is [...]