Support this man!

A man from sunny England has been cycling for 810 days thus far, and has covered over 16,000 miles in an attempt to cycle around the globe. He is currently somewhere past Vietnam and his aim is to not only raise money for charity but also to inspire his own creativity. Taking amazing photographs and [...]

Ever wanted a treehouse as a kid?

tree house castle dream
This nearly blew my mind.  I only ever made one treehouse when I was young; it had no walls and was haphazardly created with the liberal application of nails.  Looking back I am not proud of it, I am also suspicious of my dad letting two young kids play around on a poorly constructed platform [...]

Visceral Thrills… for the Kids

go kid
As many parents will attest, children can be very energetic individuals. By the age of around 4 a child will have gained full control of their body and with it a sense of newfound independence. In the following years your child will likely display a predilection for active behaviour. Many parents can find themselves overwhelmed [...]

Caveman meditation

Caveman meditation We often speak of the caveman lifestyle as one of diet and exercise. But there is one particular group of people that have traditionally spent a lot of time in caves: Yogis. Meditators from all number of traditions and practices have spent lifetimes in caves, appreciating the solitude and quiet, as well as [...]