Support this man!

A man from sunny England has been cycling for 810 days thus far, and has covered over 16,000 miles in an attempt to cycle around the globe. He is currently somewhere past Vietnam and his aim is to not only raise money for charity but also to inspire his own creativity. Taking amazing photographs and [...]

The Mental Side of Sport

Mental Strength
Sir Clive Woodward was famous for taking every detail of the rugby game and looking to squeeze an extra few percent out of those details, and he ended up taking England on to win the World Cup in 2003.  Much like Sir Clive Woodward, Sir Dave Brailsford adopted the mantra of the cumulative impact that [...]

Personal Trainers Need To Get Real

This has been sparked by a friend of mine who is a personal trainer.  I have a few friends who are personal trainers but their is a stark difference between two of them.  Let me set the scene: One friend, let us call him Chris (his identity must remain a mystery) is for all intents [...]

Wimbledon’s Over. What next?

So Wimbledon’s over and there’s an Andy Murray and Sue Barker shaped void in your life. But don’t despair. There are still plenty of exciting things to look forward to this summer. 1. Music Festivals. Are you a live music fan? Can you cope with portaloos? Head to Scottish T in the Park, Suffolk’s Latitude, [...]