Fruit for blending

No this is not an article about Blendr (the straight version of Grindr – if you dont know what I’m talking about then Google it or ask Stephen Fry).

A blender has revolutionised my nutrition. For whatever reason, I do not eat enough fruit, and everyone knows how important it is to get your 5 a day. The solution is simple – buy yourself a blender. To be honest I have always thought that getting a blender was a good idea but a large issue was that I thought I would buy loads of fruit and some of it would be wasted. It is just the nature of things, I didn’t want to waste fruit and money. As such, I delayed my eventual purchasing of a blender till my friend proposed an obvious answer to the issue of wasted fruit and money….frozen fruit.

I urge people to go to Argos and buy yourself a blender. Then go to Tesco or wherever you shop and buy a load of frozen fruit. Its brilliant because not only is frozen fruit cheaper than fresh fruit, it doesn’t go off! Obviously frozen goods aren’t ideal-but beggars can’t be choosers. Now you can have a smoothie every morning and get 3 of your 5 a day before you’ve even left the house! Its a great start to the day, even if its just psychological….
If you are serious about sorting out your nutrition then a blender is a great way to start. You get to eat natural food (albeit frozen) and its so easy to add seeds to smoothies without ruining the taste.

I think my blender cost me just over £25 which although not ideal, doesn’t exactly require an extra mortgage. As with anything, the price of blenders goes up to astronomical values. If you have the funds then yes get a £100 blender but on the whole I think the gadgets that they come with go largely unused, and my £25 blender does the job.

You can always have fun waking up your flatmates or neighbours in the morning!

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