Barefoot Warning!

Real Barefoot Running

As I have mentioned before on this blog: if you are looking to transition to barefoot/minimalist style running, it is absolutely imperative that you make the change slowly!! Make sure you allow your muscles and tendons enough time to adapt to the different running style. If you were previously a heel striker, then you will experience some discomfort after your first run in zero drop shoes…it is inevitable. However, try to ensure that in the first couple of months you do as much of your running on grass or trails rather than tarmac. That extra little bit of cushioning makes a huge difference to how your calves and Achilles tendon will feel the next day!

I bring this subject up because I recently learnt that Merrell have now included a warning sign in every box of barefoot shoes. Apparently it warns of transitioning slowly. The running forums on the web have been alive with these types of warnings ever since Born to Run hit the shelves. I am just glad that companies such as Merrell are aware that not everybody reads up about shoes before buying them – thus increasing the chance of injury when transitioning from conventional to minimal shoes. If only everyone was as bigger running bore/geek as me, they would not have to give such warnings because everybody would have done their research before buying…..

Either way, good going Merrell.

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