A Raw Vegan Experiment

Raw Vegan
I am seriously considering going raw vegan for a month or so. Some might consider this a little extreme, and it probably is – but I have heard a lot about it and am very intrigued. I personally do not think that it would be something I could do long term, but as I said, I am intrigued and also excited about the challenge! So here goes.

The benefits of going raw vegan should be fairly self explanatory. Keep all the nutrients, have it the way nature intended, etc. So I will not dwell on the positives.

So here are my concerns about it:
- The northern hemisphere tends to be cold around this time of year. Cold weather and warm hearty food are like two proverbial peas. Cold weather and cold food….not so much.
- Silly things like tea, coffee, bread and other everyday foods that I know I will miss.
- Vitamin B12, oils and Fat Soluble Vitamins. I eat meat fairly rarely anyway but I have read that certain beneficial oils found in nuts are ‘released’ (that very technical of terms) when heated. I am fully aware that I am no nutritionist or expert so who really knows…
- Cost. Meat is expensive but nuts and seeds put meat to shame.
- Variety. This is purely down to me and whether I can be bothered to research various different recipes.

There is one massive issue, and something I have given some thought to. I have come to the conclusion that I will be raw vegan when cooking for myself but if I go and stay with someone then I will eat what they provide. I refuse to be an inconvenience to people just because of some experiment. But the rest of the time I will be raw vegan.

I start on Monday and will be documenting how I feel, how much it costs, benefits, downsides, and all the rest – good and bad.

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