127 Hours

MountaineeringFor all those naysayers that consider this film to be boring….please go elsewhere with your mediocrity. This is a great film and I would recommend it to anyone. The film depicts Aron Ralston, a happy go lucky outdoors man that is forced to amputate his own arm after a boulder falls on it. Gruesome story but there are a couple of lessons to be taken from it, things that you are told whenever you start mountaineering. Its amusing because when he is filming himself he admits his own stupidity, the mistakes that he has made which ultimately led to this situation:

The chances of trapping your arm under a boulder are low, but getting into a pickle in the outdoors happens regularly. So you have to be prepared for emergencies:

Tell someone where you are going. TELL SOMEONE. The world is a big place so if nobody knows where you are then you’re pretty screwed, simple as that. Even if you are going somewhere fairly popular, just make sure that somebody knows where you are and when you think you’ll be back. This simple rule has facilitated countless mountain rescues over the years!

Pack more than you need. If it isn’t raining still take a waterproof as the weather can be incredibly unpredictable. You can always take layers off if you get hot but if you are stranded, the cold is one of your biggest enemies. On this subject, always pack more food than necessary. Just don’t take the chance and it always good to take high energy emergency food. If you have enough warm clothes, can stay dry and have enough food then your survival chances increase dramatically. On the flipside, if you don’t have these things then you are dancing with the devil.

You have to think “how will I survive by myself, and how will people find me”. If you cover the bases then you put yourself in the best position to get out of a bad situation. Sods law dictates that youonly need emergency supplies when you have forgotten them! And everyone knows how brutal that can be, not just Aron Ralston.

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